Posing with the bike like a boss!
Like a Boss!

Motorcycles. What an experience!

Everything looks better from the inside of a motorcycle Helmet.

If you’ve ever ridden one you’ll relate to the title for sure. If you’ve not, you are missing something great in life & something to relate to in the title.

If you were to ask me what is all that experience about, all I can do is show it you via various media & you might understand the concept of it. But, for you to feel it you’ll need to plant your ass on that saddle & get going on your own. #OneDownRestUp🏍

Don’t worry, this ain’t a pitch to sell you a bike.

I’m a biker myself & I’ve got an extended family, which is my biking club @BikingBuddies. We’re like-minded, we understand, believe & belong to one Idea as a collective & that is Motorcycles. But when someone else who are not into motorcycles from ‘friends & family to complete strangers’ get intrigued about our attachment over the bikes & they start questioning randomly why we do, the things we do, the way we do.., We do take time and explain this ain’t no ‘just a phase’ or another obsession (for some of us yes, but not in a negative way). They end up going, no this doesn’t convince me. No of ‘course it doesn’t. We didn’t want to convince you in the first place, you Asketh & we Speaketh. #TrueStoryBro 😎

The thing is, we know it’s the longer route, it’s not practically an efficient way of commute or travel & the best one we are often told, you could’ve put in more money & got a car, followed by the evil laugh where you think you’ve made a good joke or a valid point…well neither. In spite of all the above & a few more “queries” of yours, we know what we want & we go out there and get it. Unlike you, who don’t get either! (The point or the feel) #PunIntended😜

Unlike many bikers I’m not against driving, I like it the best as long as I’m behind the handle-bars or the steering-wheels & I know how to get my high, off the both.

By now you would be thinking on the lines of either, 1- I’m never getting on a bike ever, for you’re too old, bikes are dangerous, cars are my comfort & mostly you might be a bit boring as an individual and this write-up is not doing any good to you if so you can stop right now & get back to your boring, I mean your whatever you got going. As the coming up lines are going to be a bit too much for you with all adrenaline that comes with it. Or, 2- this is going somewhere interesting, I might have missed a good deal all this while & also you could relate to most of it, cos’ you would’ve come across motorcycling at some point in your life, where it was not for your sad commutes or the chores run you just wanted to get done with. #DoYouEvenRideBruh 🤷‍️

For everyone who chose the 2nd option, congratulations you did a good thing! Now imagine the first time you saw a motorcycle, wait let’s skip ahead a bit & get to the first time you started one & rode it enough where you were scared #AF, got hold of the bike back somehow & then came to a stop. And now recollect the rush it gave, I know you’re smiling like the way you did on that day. You might have fallen down, almost fell, parked it like a pro or got confused to what’s happened when the bike stalled outta’ no-where, but it did made you smile & I’m sure as heck. Ladies & Gentlemen that’s an experience you get from a motorcycle, yes it was a matter of smiling for a few seconds or minutes & most of you might have left that rush or that smile back there but guess who didn’t? Us, who were not really satisfied for those few seconds & we went searching for more of it, more rush, more smiles & much more that tagged along. #RideItLikeYouStoleIt 🤞

Those of us who were in pursuit of this rush, we went on to find them on the open highways, where we up-shifted gears after gears while overcoming the fear of death with the thrill of speed. Or when it was the time when we hit those corners in at tracks, throwing the knee down & grinning from ear to ear with absolutely nothing but #ZENLikeMind, going throttle wide open ,exiting the corner, as happiness we believe is the corner and not around it. When sticking the leg out in the dirt as we slide through that bend at the same speed we entered. When we’re trying a DIY in fixing the bike at our own place, then sit down to wash the machine put in some elbow grease into play & when it’s all done the satisfactory smile that comes are all proven by the multiple pics in the phones’ galleries or instagram feed . The best of the lot, when that new bike is taken fresh out of the dealership and that first ride is a memory to cherish. #ForeverBiker! 💪

I could get going on & on, but hope you caught the drift! For those who got nostalgic while reading the previous paragraph, respect to you my #Brethren. As for those wondering wow what might that feel like or man I wish I could get to do that for once at least, remember it’s you who is stopping you from freeing you from those shackles of fear, self-doubt or anything else for that matter.

But irony died laughing its ass off reading this whole write-out given the times we’re in thanks to the pandemic, none of us can go out and ride like whatever is written in here. If I’m asked what the whole point was, I’d say it was the idea of taking our minds from the negative news all around us and tried bringing in some good memories from the past & to share the hope that this too shall pass.

#CallToAction 👇

Kindly give your response (let it be an honest one) as to how you felt reading this piece of ’Experience’ as this subject is pretty close to my heart and the intentions were to spread a bit of happiness and share the hope I have over the current situation we all are in irrespective of everthing. And I wish I have achieved the same. On that note, share this with whom you think it will be relatable. Mention them in the comments. #LikeShareComment

Thankyou. 🙏



A motorcyclist by passion, Digital Marketer by profession. B'lorean.

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